Renee Pater, Johan Pater and Rin van der Molen wanted to create a unique bakery where they would not only concentrate on baking high quality bread using only natural ingredients but also give the baker a chance to stand in the spotlight and allow customers to see how their bread is made. The decision wase made to call their shop BBROOD, from the Dutch word brood meaning… bread.

In 2008 the first branch was successfully opened in Zeedijk in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Soon after first supermarket bakery was up and running in the Dutch organic supermarket Marqt. Currently BBROOD has 7 branches in Amsterdam and 5 bakeries in Marqt.

BBrood expanded to Kampala, Uganda. The first branch on Kampala Road was soon followed by others making it 5 branches in Kampala alone. Since 2013 the inhabitants of the Rwandese capital Kigali can enjoy our freshly baked bread. This year, 2016, we will open several shops in Kenya. Starting with Magadi Road and a shop in the Sarit Centre!