Why is our bread so tasty?

Time, attention, love and natural ingredients of the highest quality. Our experienced bakers are trained in the Netherlands and bake our bread with joy. The result: real tasty bread we are proud of!

How do I store my bread?

Our loaves are enjoyed best if consumed within 3 days after purchase and best stored in a dark environment at room temperature. Keeping your loaves in the fridge is not advisable.

Tip: store your loaf in the freezer directly after purchase and defrost portions as needed!

What is sourdough and how is it made?

Sourdough is a mixture of water, flour and salt that is set aside to ferment spontaneously for a certain time at a certain temperature.

At BBROOD we make our own sourdough. The mixture is left to ferment for 20 hours. Afterwards it will be mixed with the new dough instead of yeast. We give it time to rise and develop a natural taste and aroma. Our BBROOD sourdough is ripening for two days – it may seems long but it ensures the optimal taste of our breads.

Last but not least, the dough is manually shaped and baked in a stone floor oven. This way our bread gets its specific structure, flavor and taste and its delicious crispy crust.

What is the difference between sourdough and yeast?

The most important difference is the time of proofing. A loaf with yeast only needs 3 hours to get ready. A sourdough loaf takes 2 days to get ready.

The time of proofing means a difference in taste. We give our bread the time to proof and get the best natural taste. The longer the fermentation process, the more natural flavours and aromas will develop. Therefore we don’t need artificial preservatives and additives.

Also a big difference is the structure. Sourdough has a rough and uneven texture very different from bread that is made with yeast.

Is BBROOD bread organic?

Our bread is not organic, however it is made of the best natural ingredients without sugar, additives nor preservatives.

We take a more thorough approach to our business. For instance our packaging and carrier bags are all environmental friendly and we don’t throw our old bread away but give it to the people who could still use it. Also BBROOD as a long standing relationship with Bake For Life in Nkokonjeru, Tororo, Soroti and Budaka.